Sally Gelardin, Ed.D., NCC, DCC, JCTC,  delights in bringing together people and ideas. She chaired the   Poetics of Aging Conference, sponsored by AgeSong,  and serves as an interviewer, educator, curriculum designer, and adjunct faculty/portfolio evaluator. She has served as president of the California Career Development Association and is a frequent presenter in the fields of career and eldercare locally and globally. Sally authored three books, The Mother-Daughter Relationship: Activities for Promoting Lifework Success, Starting and Growing a Business in the New Economy, and Career and Caregiving: Empowering the Shadow Workforce of Family Caregivers. Contact Dr. Sally Gelardin, AgeSong Journalist, sallyg @agesong.com



The mission of AgeSong Institute is to counter the mainstream understanding of aging as decline and/or disease with a more expansive, humanistic, and creative vision and approach.

AgeSong Communities

AgeSong Today provides insight into AgeSong’s philosophy and how it is applied in the six San Francisco Bay Area elder communities:


AgeSong at Bayside Park

AgeSong at Bayside ParkLocated in the heart of Emeryville’s city center near great shopping and dining, AgeSong at Bayside Park provides independent, supportive, and assisted living services, along with forgetfulness care and specialized behavioral and emotional care, all in a warm, welcoming environment. Now open.

AgeSong at Lake Merritt

AgeSong at Bayside ParkAgeSong at Lake Merritt is an independent lifestyle community with stunning views of Lake Merritt, that is designed for people who want to stay engaged in life. Located in a grand Art Deco building, this vibrant community offers diverse programs, services, and amenities that support the mind, body, and spirit.

AgeSong at Lakeside Park

AgeSong at Bayside ParkLocated just steps from Lake Merritt in Oakland, AgeSong at Lakeside Park caters specifically to those who no longer communicate using mainstream language and behaviors. Here, professional and caring staff members and interns work with residents, family members, friends, and health care providers to design programs that best meet each resident’s particular needs.

AgeSong at Oak Creek

AgeSong at Oak CreekAgeSong at Oak Creek was the first Bay Area program to provide specialized care for people with forgetfulness (what others call dementia or Alzheimer’s disease). For the past 20 years it has provided compassionate quality care in its calming and healing environments of nature in Castro Valley. Its large backyard aviary, patio, and flower and vegetable gardens provide an opportunity for all residents to have the freedom and familiarities of home. Today, this community continues to break new ground as it teams up with AgeSong to integrate a unique humanistic approach into its rich history of care.


AgeSong at Hayes Valley

AgeSong at Bayside ParkAgeSong at Hayes Valley is set in a beautifully restored Victorian nestled in San Francisco’s vibrant Hayes Valley neighborhood. Forgetfulness care, specialized behavioral and emotional care, hospice, and transitional care coordination all are available to residents of this 47-bed community.

AgeSong at Laguna Grove

AgeSong at Bayside ParkCentrally located in San Francisco’s Hayes Valley neighborhood, AgeSong at Laguna Grove offers specialized care for high needs assisted living, including an innovative forgetfulness care (what others call dementia) and behavioral health program, hospice, and transitional care coordination.

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