Bayside Residents Move Front and Center

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Since most of AgeSong at Bayside Park residents have memories of World War II, this period of history had a major influence on their lives. George and Lily were married in a camp during the Japanese-American internment. Ida did shipyard work during the war as a electrician helper or gofer. Lily and Phyllis were either working in the armed forces or raising children while their husband were enlisted. At the age of six, Harriet “took care of her father’s Good Humor Ice-Cream Truck” when he was serving in the army.  These elders are survivors – sturdy, resilient members of society, with rich histories of contributions to their families and communities. They honor their past, at the same time living actively in the present.  Lee composes original tunes on Bayside Park’s piano; Mary, Ida, and others learn the fine art of hat making; Bea and Ida write poems; Mariola crack jokes a mile a minute in her sweet voice.

The rich environment of AgeSong at Bayside Park is captured each month in the community’s newsletter, distributed to residents, family and staff in hard copy and available to the public through the attached, downloadable PDF file.  View recent activities and read engaging stories about the lives of the creative, resilient  Bayside Park residents. Preview upcoming March events on a range of topics from tax deduction considerations for assisted living to rock art on Mt. Sinai to Bayside Park’s Second Anniversary celebration. Bayside Park swings into spring!

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AgeSong Senior at Bayside Park | 1440 40th Street, Emeryville, California 94608 | 510-594-8800 | License # 015601452

AgeSong Retirement Communities: Locations throughout the Bay Area, including San Francisco and the East Bay: San Francisco-Hayes Valley • San Francisco-Laguna Grove • Oakland-Lake Merritt • Oakland-Lakeside Park • Emeryville-Bayside Park • Castro Valley-OakCreek

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