Taking Eating Green to Heart



AgeSong at Lakeside Park is taking eating green to heart. In its winter 2012 newsletter, the California Assisted Living Association (CALA) featured Lakeside Park as the first assisted living community in the nation to be certified green by the Green Restaurant Association, an organization working to promote environmentally responsible restaurant practices.

In May, 2010, AgeSong at lakeside Park earned a 2-Star certification and this past April raised that rating to a 3-Star.  According to Nolan Gonsalves, Maintenance Director for AgeSong at Lakeside Park:

...AgeSong earned points for energy-saving features such as energy star dishwashing machines, insulated boiler and pipes, and compact fluorescent bulbs in at leat 20% of all fixtures.  They earned points in the food category for having 36% of their monthly food purchases be vegetarian and points in the disposables category for features such as bio-based cutlery and 100% recycled, 100% post-consumer waste, processed chlorine-free roll towels.

“They [the Green Restaurant Association] were wonderful,” said Janna O’Sullivan, Director of Dietary Services, “and they continue to work with AgeSong to make more improvements.” She continued, “At this point AgeSong is looking to certify our other communities.”

In 2011, AgeSong worked with the association to put together surveys and educational pieces for their staff and conducted mini-trainings. As AgeSong has demonstrated, going green does not have to work against good business.


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